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The Banned Book Bus 

A Literary Revolution On Wheels

Welcome to the Banned Book Bus! My name is Summer LaFleur and I am the creator of the project. With the help of my amazing team, we have managed to make this dream a reality. The Banned Book Bus is a social justice library in a converted school bus, sprouting from the crossroads of education and adventure. Over 4,000 books have been banned and censored across various states and school districts due to their content-- Anti racist values, identity, LGBTQIA+ rights, feminism, body positivity, protagonists of color and various sexual orientations, and love. These books have largely been banned for their inclusivity and celebration of diversity. Hateful censorship and restricting access to these titles is detrimental to the mental health and happiness of countless children across the United States-- narrowing their world view and hindering the development of an inclusive future. The Banned Book Bus is a literary revolution on wheels dedicated to the amplification of these stories and support of young voices. The Banned Book Bus is also a non-profit that is providing free libraries and banned books to charities, organizations, students, and schools across the country. The Bus will also be used as a venue for guest speakers, musicians, and outdoor theater performances.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make these books available to everyone who wants to read them, demolishing the barriers of geographical location and socioeconomic status. The Banned Book Bus will be based out of Truckee, providing a safe space of belonging for local students. Our goal is to aid in the creation of a brighter, more inclusive future by strengthening the values of the next generation through literature. Books are mirrors and windows, meaning being able to relate to the characters and learn about new perspectives are both incredibly important experiences for young readers. This is why the eradication of diverse literature is detrimental to the betterment of our world.


                           Our Work

  • Building mini-libraries for local organizations

  • Registering new voters

  • Reading to younger students and leading discussions

  • Hosting fundraisers to purchase books for local schools



Your support in itself is an immeasurable contribution, so please don’t feel pressured to donate. If you do choose to donate, the money will be used to buy books for the bus itself, as well as books and shelves for charities, organizations, and schools across the country. Thank you!




Venmo: @thebannedbookbus


Contact Us

Instagram: @thebannedbookbus


phone: 530-386-7636

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